Our own human capital

About us

We’re an historical business, but also projected into the future. Let’s start with our watchword: excellence. A personalized excellence, based on the needs of every customer, anywhere in the world. The result? Our high-quality and custom-made furniture, designed for a competent and demanding clientele of professionals and end customers, who are not willing to compromise over quality and always strive for the best.

It is precisely our orientation towards the best “Made in Italy” that has always characterized Gasparri Arredamenti, expression of the flourishing network of SMEs typical of the entrepreneurial activity in Italy. In our case, in the Marche region, and more specifically in the province of Ancona, an area located between sky, sea and mountains, and where the tradition of fine furniture has prospered for centuries.

Reliable Partner
Reliability and professionalism characterize the gasparri Arredamenti.