Giorgio Balestra

Arch. Giorgio crossbow (cupramontana, 1973),

graduated with honours in 2002 at the Faculty of Architecture
of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Prof. Arch Giancarlo Rosa).

In 2003 he began his professional activity at the Senigallia Campodonic Studio (AN) and since 2004 he has been working as a freelancer, mainly developing residential construction, urban regeneration and architectural themes.

In 2005, with Arch. Silvia Brocchini, gives life to the project“Bistudioarchitetti” experimenting contract design and architecture in all its expressive forms.

Holder of the same-name study, deepens and further develops the area of residence, environmental design and design connected to them. He follows with particular interest the design of swimming pools winning in 2013 the first prize of the Italian Pool Award

Collaborates with public bodies both in the drafting of projects and as a member of building contracts in different municipalities of the province (cupramontana, Poggio San Marcello, Serra de’ Conti).

The studio deals with architectural design and all related activities, respecting the man, the environment and the existing cultural heritage.
The architecture is characterized by the context, the light, the materiality of the surfaces, the use of mainly natural materials in the search for a craftsmanship that generates added value. The idea is the starting point of the design process and its realization is its completion.

Attentive to technology and research, design is understood as an interpretative path of contemporaneity applied to the historical and universal values of architecture in the process of translating design needs in place or object to be lived and used.

Foreign to the concept of“fashion” since it was born to be surpassed, the studio proposes itself as an interpreter and developer of innovative ideas born to last, based on solid cultural foundations, on the high quality of the project and the works themselves.
Responding to the needs of the client, the studio is able to offer the total competence of the design and realization of the work using collaborators and technical supports that cover the overall management of the entire design and construction process.

Based in central Italy, the studio operates in a territory rich in real estate opportunities both in new buildings and in the renovation of farmhouses and historical architectures.

“The Marches” in fact, offer unique landscapes and contexts in which the historic buildings of the most beautiful villages and villas immersed in the green or overlooking the blue of the Mediterranean, become a reality for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of living in Italy in close contact with the genuineness of the place and people.

Sensibility, passion and respect are the key words that describe the studio’s modus operandi.

Reliable Partner
Reliability and professionalism characterize the gasparri Arredamenti.