Elisa Romagnoli

Elisa Romagnoli graduated in Building Engineering Architecture in 2007 with honors and for the following two years with the architecture firm of Ramazzotti Pacifico.

In 2009 he began the experience in collaboration with the architect Francesco Valentini creating the creative workshop FDS OFFICINA DI ARCHITETTURA with which public, private and design objects are created.

Since 2017, enriched by decades of experience, she decides to undertake the profession of Building Engineer on her own, trying to give meaning to her design philosophy aimed at combining beauty – function and structure.

Another essential element is research flies to professional and personal growth thanks to the use of new forms and technologies.

The ambition is to always put in place the skills developed in the university period and in the work experience by giving a value to their work starting from an accurate architectural project up to its construction and construction.

The design starts from the idea without ever ignoring its feasibility and without this latter aspect limiting it, starting from the architectural project as an ordering tool for a complex and composite process of transformation of matter and places.
The particularity lies precisely in the ability to control the plurality of disciplines involved: from the architectural project, to the economic evaluations, to the construction site, up to the use and management of the space.

“The house is not only a set of spaces but a set of dreams”.
Donatella Caprioglio – In the heart of the houses

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